Don’t pay for a service that doesn’t render results.

With a small fee of $50, the photo shoot will take place, and you will receive a full photo session, and high end professionally processed photos within 24 hours of the shoot. Full payment for the remainder of the photo shoot is not due until the transaction successfully closes, and all commission are paid – simple as that. No hidden fees or charges will come about. There is also an option to take care of the entire balance without the guaranteed closing for slightly less – see the pricing section for details.

Since the photos of a home have such a dramatic impact on whether or not it sells, and the success rate has been so tremendous with homes shot by 503 RE Photography, we are willing to offer the service with assurance that the listing will sell. We are confident that the home will sell when buyers see the photos and request showings right away. Due to this, we are able to offer this unique and amazing approach to the valuable service.

In order to offer a flexible pricing structure, full payment at the time of the shoot is also available. See details and prices below.


What is included in a 503 RE Photography Shoot?

The following is included in every 503 Real Estate Photography photo shoot:

  • Unlimited shots – interior, exterior, drone.
  • High Dynamic Range enhancement – improves color, lighting, and contrast to make realistic, yet impressive photographs.
  • Formatted to the new (larger) RMLS dimensions for maximum quality and resolution.
  • Photos also delivered in high resolution (great for printing / flyers).
  • Drone / aerial photography – licensed with FAA.
  • Blue Sky replacement where necessary.
  • Mobile friendly Virtual Tours.
  • Zillow “Certified Photographer” Program.
  • Shots of surrounding attractions.
  • No branding / watermarks advertising our services.
  • Photos delivered within 24 hours of the photo shoot.

With the RMLS in Portland now allowing 32 shots, we can use as many as necessary up to that point, and if even more are desired, they can be implemented via the Virtual Tour, which is unlimited.


Digitally Processed Photos

The proper technology that works particularly well for Real Estate Photography is put to use. Using all natural light, there is no need for a flash, which often cast big shadows or has bright reflections that look odd and distracting. Instead of resorting to a flash, multiple exposures are blended together, and more color and detail is visible in spots that may otherwise look dark or washed out. See the image here that shows where the sky’s true color shines through, more detail is visible, and colors are more vibrant without going overboard. Unattractive items like various debris can also be removed to “clean up” the image without false advertising.

Aerial Photography

Whether going way up in the sky to capture acreage or features such as pools or tennis courts, or just raising up to get a better view of a home from slightly higher instead of looking up a steep driveway or hill, the aerial photos can be far more effective. Even shots from up in the air still use the technology to make them vibrant and exciting while still remaining realistic. This sample demonstrates what a photo looks like from the ground, where a lot of detail is left out, and then an aerial shot that gives a much better perspective and shows what the home has to offer. So if it is worth going several feet above ground to show off a home, or heading hundreds of feet up to capture large areas and attractions, we have you covered.

Mobile Friendly Virtual Tours

Over half of homebuyers looking at homes on the Internet are using their mobile devices – tablets and phones, for their searches. The RMLS and all of the sites people use for searching real estate (Zillow,, RedFin, Trulia, and more…) take the photos from RMLS, but also include the optional “virtual tour” link in them as well. Since so many homebuyers are on their mobile devices, having a virtual tour that is phone and tablet-friendly gives your listings a big advantage. Luckily they function and look great on the computer as well!

Zillow Certified Photographer Program

As a Zillow Certified Photographer, your listings will receive a short video (between 30 seconds and 2 minutes) that will give a quick stroll through the home. More importantly, however, is that the homes with these videos will be at the top of the search results in Zillow, giving them a HUGE advantage over the competition when it comes to marketing of the listing. 503 is in the first group in Oregon to partake in this program.

Schedule a Photo Shoot

Contact us to schedule a shoot today and we’ll take the next step to significantly enhance your marketing power and increase the interest level of your home, selling it without the worry of paying for a service that doesn’t perform.

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How much do photo shoots cost?

There are two options for how the photo shoots from 503 are calculated in order to fit your marketing budget. This is how they work:

Guaranteed Closing
Full payment not due until successful sale and commissions are paid. The amounts below are due at closing, in addition to the $50 fee that is due at the time of the photo shoot.
Savings on overall shoot
The overall savings for payment is to pay the following amounts listed below, but the $50 fee for the shoot is dismissed, saving some money, but requiring the full amount when the home is shot versus when the home sells.


Home Size Price
Under 1,000 SF $160
1,000 to 2,499 SF $200
2,500 to 3,999 SF $220
Over 4,000 SF $240

Poor Weather Return Shoot

Being in the Pacific Northwest, and not knowing how our weather will misbehave, we are able to offer a service where we come back and shoot the exterior once again. For this, a $100 fee applies, and will have no effect on the charges due once the listing sells.

If there are further questions, or would like to schedule a shoot, contact us, and we will be in touch.